New makeup releases that will put you to sleep

And by put to sleep I mean for 6-8 hours at a time, not ‘Lucky is going to live on a farm’ put to sleep.

Anastasia Beverly Hills are releasing a black liquid liner and I. Don’t. Care. Maybe it’s because black liquid liners are so ubiquitous these days, maybe it’s because the architecture of my eyelids means any liquid liner attempt winds up above my eyebrow, but either way this is a yawn fest and a half. If you need a new liner, may I recommend the Nyx Epic Liner instead? Also, I hear only good things about Fenty’s Flyliner.

Via Trendmood IG

Natasha Denona have a new 5 pan eyeshadow palette coming out called the Coral palette. They may as well call it a degree in Digital Humanities because it is neither of those things. It’s…peachy pink? Also, of course it’s $48. Are we going to keep accepting these ridiculous prices? There’s very little product here.

Via Natasha Denona’s website

Charlotte Tilbury have caught up to 2017 as evidenced by their new additions to the Pillow Talk range in the form of metallic lipsticks. In true luxury makeup style, these lipsticks are being marketed as ‘Pillow Talk Diamonds’ with ‘glitter particles’ but I know a bog standard metallic lip when I see one. Hopefully this is just a blip for the brand and they aren’t drawing inspiration from Younique.

Via Charlotte Tilbury IG

I feel like Benefit should have a permanent place in articles like these, but I digress. They recently (ish) came out with a 4 pan Easy Smokin’ Eyes palette and everything screams dated. The packaging is reminiscent of the old Too Faced’s Natural Eyes packaging, and honestly the inside isn’t too dissimilar either. Benefit aren’t exactly known for their eyeshadow quality anyway (there’s a reason for that). If you do want a smokey palette, there are so many better options.

Via Benefit’s website

Ok I will temper my snark for now. What new releases bore you?

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